Cees Elzinga

The wall (2020)

Woodblock prints

The wall (2020)

We know that people’s income, education and color are closely related social categories and that they are also related to health, housing, employednes, teenage motherhood, BMI, divorce, single parenthood, etc.. I am worried about the resulting insurmountable societal walls. I hope you don’t live in this neighborhood.

Both of these prints derive from the same composition, the first one being monochrome, the second is a reduction print containing several tones of grey, thus allowing for greater detail.

Image size 200 x 200 mm; sheet size 28 x 28 cm. Printed  in 2020 on Simili Japon 225 gr/m² and printed on Hosho 30 gr/m². Editions of 3 – 8. Price: € 150.- (left version) or € 200.- (right version), unframed, VAT and shipping included.