Cees Elzinga

Jop (2020)

Woodblock prints

Jop (2020)

Jop has been with us from 2015 to 2021. He came together with his brother Jelle. Six months later, Jelle decided to move to another family nearby. When we found out, Jelle looked healthy and happy but he didn’t recognize us anymore. That family has moved and we hope, he is still living with them.

Jop stayed with us for six years. He was always good humored and talked a lot about his fights, preys and other adventures. Now and then he had an accident but he always recovered. In ’21 he got very ill from a small wound in his chest, probably due to a fight. He died from heart failure in a veterinarian clinic and we buried him in our garden. Today, there is a little hedgehog house over his grave.

“Job” (2020)

In 2020, I made the print as a birthday present for my partner. It measures 13 x 18 cm and was printed on 120 grs Fabriano Accademia in an edition of 1; it is not for sale.