Cees Elzinga

A solemn introduction to religion (2021/22)

Woodblock prints

A solemn introduction to religion (2021/22)

All my life, I have been struggling with and fascinated by beliefs, believing and devotion. A triptych on religion cannot possibly do more than introduce. This introduction is formal, solemn, since it just deals with the creed, i.e. with the essence of what is believed, and not with what this means or how to exercise it. It is also solemn in that it only consists of images, i.e. of visual tokens. The triptych was designed in 2021, the central part was printed in December 2021 en the side panels in January 2022.

The central part is about the creed and is therefore called “Credo”. Although this is the first word of the (Latin version of the) Christian creed, this triptych is not about Christianity in particular. The side panels are about guilt and horror, the inevitable facts of life that make us crave for acceptance, forgiveness and solace.

“A solemn introduction to religion” (2022)

The complete triptych, i.e. each of the side panels and the central panel, is available at € 825.-, unframed, shipping and VAT included. Separately, the panels are also available. Details on the pages that pertain to each of the panels.