Cees Elzinga


Woodblock prints



There are two ways to buy a print:

  1. You buy directly from my atelier and you pay in cash (no change!). Prices are including 6% VAT. You will receive a specified bill.
  2. You order by e-mail. First you inquire about availability,  then you order and mail me the delivery address. Upon receipt of the price on my account NL19 ABNA 0619 8151 83, I will send you the print(s) and the bill. For  delivery outside of The Netherlands, I will charge delivery costs.

All prices pertain to unframed prints. I can have them framed for you in a black alloy frame with anti-reflective glass and passe-partout. Pricing depends on size and extra shipping cost; ask for a quote. Count on 4 – 6 weeks delivery time.


CoC Nr: 71378677