Cees Elzinga

Stabat Mater (2018)

Woodblock prints

Stabat Mater (2018)


“Stabat Mater” is the title of a famous, 13th-century poem. The poem is about Mary’ suffering as Jesus Christ’s mother during his crucifixion and about the poet who meditates her suffering. The poem has been used by tens of composers to write songs to be sung at the liturgy on the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows – perhaps most beautifully by Alessandro Scarlatti.

Unfortunately, helplessly having to watch the dying of beloved is of all time. During our lives, beloved ones die by illness, accident, war and crimes. This series of prints is about the suffering from these experiences, about the anger, the bewilderment, the loneliness, the despair, the disbelief and all the ineffable.

Printed in 2018 on Fabriano Accademia Bianco, 120 g/m². Image size is 240 x 240 mm, the sheet size is 32 x 32 cm. Price € 200.-/print, unframed.