Cees Elzinga

Self (2021)

Woodblock prints

Self (2021)

In 2020, a friend gave me a booklet, entitled “De Nieuwe Kolk” (“The New Lock”): linos in black and white.

Hein Overbeek, self, 2012

The linos were all made by  Hein Overbeek and insprired by the construction (2009-2012) of the cultural centre in Assen. The booklet lead me on the trail to Hein’s artwork: beautiful linos  and paintings about Assen, landscapes, performing musicians, self portraits, book illustrations and what not. Recently I bought one of his beautiful self portraits and today it is in my studio, overseeing my work, together with Horst Janssen.

In the spirit of Hein’s self portraits, I made three different self portraits as shown below.

Self 1 is printed on Kozo (40 gr/m²  37.4 x 23.4 cm), the image measures 274 x 214 mm. Price (unframed, free shipping in The Netherlands) € 250.-.

Self 2 is printed on Simili Japon (225 gr/m²  32 x 32 cm), the image measures 240 x 240 mm. Price (unframed, free shipping in The Netherlands) € 300.-.

Self 3 exists in two editions; one printed on Gampi 85 gr/m² and one on Saa (Mulberry) 200 gr/m². The image measures 20 x 41.5 cm, the sheet measures 49 x 28.5 cm. Price (unframed, free shipping in The Netherlands) € 330.-.

Prices pertain to unframed prints but include VAT and shipping.