Cees Elzinga

15.000.000 (2021)

Woodblock prints

15.000.000 (2021)

Pigs are intelligent, sensitive and social animals, cognitively comparable to four-year old children. Besides body language, they use more than 20 different sounds to communicate. In The Netherlands, we annually kill some 15.000.000 of them.

The first (leftmost) print is entitled “Een zonnige zomerdag” (translated: “A sunny summerday”). It  depicts a pig suffering from overheating, an often deadly condition regularly observed with pigs that are transported or waiting to be killed. The print measures 260 x 320 mm and is printed on sheets of handmade Gampi paper, sized 33 x 39 cm. Price: (unframed, including VAT and shipping) € 330.-.

Entitled “Wees maar niet bang” (translated: “Don’t be afraid”); it shows a piglet about to be electrocuted. The print measures 240 x 200 mm, sheet size 32 x 28 cm and is printed in an edition of 16 on off-white Mulberry 200 gr/m². Price: (unframed, including VAT and shipping) € 100.-.

The full revenues from these prints will be donated to “Varkens in Nood” (translated “Pigs in Distress”). Visit their website at varkensinnood.nl.