Cees Elzinga

Study of an agonized (right panel)

Woodblock prints

Study of an agonized (right panel)

Horror; if not actually present, is always looming at the horizon, the horror of pain, illness, loss of dignity, of dying, the horror of losing beloved. Horror will strike for sure, and often suddenly, without logic or reason. It is nothing personal. But it is. Religion offers release from these agonies. Conditionally, that is.

“Study of an agonized” (2022)
Still from “Battleship Potemkin” (1925)

The above print was inspired by the work of Francis Bacon and his fascination for the screaming mouth, the incarcerated terror and the silent Sergej Eisenstein’s1925-movie “Battleship Potemkin“. Actually, this portrait of a horrified woman was taken from a still of that movie, shown at the right. In the movie, she presents her badly wounded child to the massacring soldiers and begs them to stop the killing. She too is shot. I cut out the woman’s head, stylized a bit and “caged” her like Bacon did with many of his screaming heads.

The image measures 190 x 285 mm, printed on 220 grs Simili Japon sheets of 275 x 370 mm and it comes in an edition of 14, available at € 300.-, unframed, free of shipping and including VAT.