Cees Elzinga

Study of a guilty (left panel)

Woodblock prints

Study of a guilty (left panel)

Guilt arises because we do not live up to rules and expectations. Guilt is an agent and its efficacy accumulates, with some of us more than with others. Guilt cannot be redeemed by undoing, we cannot step back from the trap so we must go forward, albeit stumbling and limping by the weight. Religion offers mercy, atonement and forgiveness, whatever the guilt.

“Study of a guilty” (2022)


This image measures 190 x 285 mm, printed in 2022 on 220 grs Simili Japon sheets of 275 x 370 mm and it comes in an edition of 16. The prints are available at € 300.-, unframed, free of shipping and including VAT.