Here is what I just made: a print entitled "The promised land 2: Fiat Nihil" - a fragment of a building devastated by artillery. The devastated lives, futures, pets, family pics, wedding dresses, baby shoes, etc.. are not shown. Sorry for that, this is all I can do.

It is on my website now:

Measures 28 x 22 cm on sheets 38 x 32 cm. Printed on 220 gr/m² white Fabriano Rosaspina. Edition of 25.

Please, buy it for just € 100 since the Ukrainians need money; now to survive, later to rebuild their society. For every print sold, I will donate € 82 to the Red Cross, the remaining €18 covering VAT (9%) and shipping cost. No discount this time.

For just € 100.-, you help - not much but it is real money, it means something substantial, something tangible. And it leaves you with a real Elzinga. 

What might help too, is to send this Newsletter to your friends. Good people; they will not let us down either. They too will invest in the future. Or perhaps buy one extra as a gift to someone. Yes, do!

The subtitle "Fiat Nihil" - Vulgar Latin for "Nothing is made" - refers to the the painting "The first Day of Creation", made in 1545 by the Portugese painter Francesco de Holanda. On this painting, the text "Fiat Lux" ("Light was made") appears on the triangular trinity, imagining light as a byproduct of the of God's thinking.

Indeed, the thoughts of Kirill's earthly god create, not order of geometrical objects, but darkness and chaos instead.

Clearly, this print belongs to the series "The promised land" since war is one of the most prominent causes of human migration. As I write this (April 6, 2022), over 4.200.000 million people left Ukraine.

I used the Fabriano Rosaspina paper for the first time. Indeed, it allows for fine printmaking but it needs careful handling since it is quite soft and voluminous. It comes from the ancient city of Fabriano, in the hills near Ancona, where cotton-based paper was made since the middle ages. The picture below shows the paper museum near the city's old center.


Fabriano paper has been used by many famous artists, for example by Rafael, Michelangelo, Beethoven, D'Anunzio and Francis Bacon. Good company! Rosaspina ("sleeping beauty") contains 60% cotton and is made on a cylindrical mold machine, a technique that is quite close to that used for hand-made paper.

How to order
  1. Send me an e-mail ( with your name and the delivery address. I will send the print within five working days (collecting orders).
  2. Pay € 100.- to my bank account NL09 ABNA 0521 9308 20, indicating "Fiat Nihil".

Thank you!