On Januari 30, I announced the triptych "A solemn introduction to religion" and already showed  the central panel of the triptych, entitled "Credo" - a row of Roman columns to refer to the petrification of creeds. Today, I am proud to present the complete triptych below - Credo with side panels.

Let us focus on the newly printed side panels. First the left panel, entitled "Study of a guilty".


During our lives, we accumulate guilt and that guilt cannot be redeemed. However, religions offer mercy, atonement and forgiveness. For example, in Islam, three of the ninety nine names of god implicitly refer to an elaborate cycle of guilt, repentance and forgiveness.


The right panel, entitled "Study of an agonized", is about the horror, the agony and the sorrow that inevitably will strike. The pain of loosing beloved ones, the knowledge of death. 

It will strike all of us, often unexpected, seemingly without logic. And there is no defense. But religions offer solace and salvation. In Isaiah 41:10, the god offers solace an support to all. The god's first name is Ar-Rahmaan, "he who is beneficient" (الرحمن).


The image of the right panels was inspired by the work of Francis Bacon, especially his many screaming, enclosed men.

I took a still from Sergey Eisenstein's 1925 movie "Battleship Potemkin", isolated the woman's head from it, stylized a bit and then copied it on my woodblock. Many of Bacon's screaming faces were after another famous still of that same movie.

The side panels have the same dimensions: an image of 195 x 290mm, printed on 275 x 370 mm sheets of 220 gr/m² Simili Japon paper. Separately ordered, they come at € 300.- each, unframed, VAT and shipping included. Of course, you as a subscriber to this newsletter, are entitled to a discount of 30%, provided you order before April 1, 2022. If you would order the complete trytich before April 1, i.e. each of the three prints, the total discount would increase to € 350.-.