Dear friends,

We are all glad that COVID-measures have been relaxed and that since, we can enjoy concerts and exhibitions again without any uncomfortable restrictions. The next months, I will be busy visiting concerts that had been postponed - a.o. the Pärt Festival and Ian Bostrich singing Schubert. A few weeks ago, I visited the Siebold House in Leiden to enjoy modern Japanese prints.

Starting March 4, some of my own prints will be exhibited during the spring exhibition of the gallery "Kunstwerk! in de Stellingen"  in Noordwolde.

Ample parking around and a few nice restaurants at walking distance. Public transport at only a minute walking (bus 19 to Steenwijk).


This is the first exhibition where I didn't have to apply to participate.....I was invited, a selection committee visited me in my studio and picked the prints it wanted. I am very proud that my work will be shown amidst that of many respected colleagues.


So, do drop by and enjoy!

Meanwhile, I worked hard to finish the left and right panels of the triptych "A solemn introduction to religion". Now, both editions are snugly drying from the last printing pass. Both panels need just one additional treat plus roughly five day to thoroughly dry. I can't wait to see all three panels ordered as a proper triptych! As soon as I have  pictures of the individual prints, I will publish. To present the triptych as a whole, I need the  framer - he will make a passe-partout that will  fit to the triptych as a whole.  That will take another couple of weeks.

Hope to meet you at the exhibition!