This newsletter presents the first of a small series of prints, all related to the quest for the promised land. This one shows the invariable result of what often causes the quest for the promised land: fathomless grief. Grief caused by the loss of a husband, a child, a house, the life as we knew it, our place in the universe.

The print itself was made in two steps. First I created and printed the monochrome, black/white image. Then, in the second step, I covered it with a transparent layer of light bluish-grey to "push it back".


The image measures 19 x 19 cm and is printed on sheets of 30 x 25 cm of delicate 40 grs, handmade Japanese Kozo paper. The vertical dimension of the sheets is approximate since each sheet has a deckle on the lower side.

I printed an edition of 15.

The price of the print amounts to € 200.-, unframed, VAT included and free of shipping cost throughout The Netherlands. You, as a subscriber to my newsletter, are entitled to a reduction of 30% if you order it before October 15, 2021


I also offer the drawing of the design of the print: the black/white drawing that I copied on the woodblock from which the print was produced. It is made with pen, brush and Indian ink on a sheet of 28 x 28 cm, cut it from a bigger sheet from my tray of left-overs. It is fine, sturdy paper, roughly 180 gr/m² and of European make.

The drawing is for sale at € 900.-, framed and VAT included. The frame is a black alloy Mavanti frame with a passe-partout and anti-reflective glass.

My frames are made by Lars Planting. Together with his wife Daphne, they run a framer and artist materials shop in Sneek. The shop is a Hilbert Hotel for artist materials...they sell everything and more.

For you, as a subscriber to my newsletter, the framed drawing only costs € 600.- and it comes with a free woodblock print that was made with it.

Proudly, I mention that, during October 8-31, I participate with two prints in the exposition "40 x 40 Novene", organized by Grafisch Centrum Friesland and taking place at the Art Room H47 in Leeuwarden.

Also, during October 12-24, I participate with many prints in the exposition "Nieuwe Realisten", organized by the artists collective De Eg, in Utrecht.