Dear Friends,

A little while ago, I published the print "Fiat Nihil" with the intention to support the Ukrainian Red Cross. This short Newsletter is meant to inform you about the preliminary results of this initiative.

"Fiat Nihil"

I started creating an edition of 25 and offered it at € 100.-/print, promising that I would donate the net revenues to the URC, i.e. subtracting VAT and shipment cost.

The Newsletter announcing this offer yielded a sales of 9 prints, a nice but modest result.

Less money is always better than no money so I decided to offer the print to the visitors of a printer's fair at only € 50.-. Only half the original price to encourage the greedy impulse buyers and no shipment cost but a sturdy cardboard envelope. Again, I sold 3 prints.



9 prints at € 100:     900.-

3 prints at €   50:     150.-

Total Sales         :   1050.-

Taxes & Cost

9% VAT                   :    86.70

shipment/packaging :    76.80

Total                        :  163.50

Net Revenue                  :  886.50

The net revenue was directly transferred to the Ukrainian Red Cross in three portions, each time within a few days after receipt of the money.

Although this is a substantive amount, the war is going on and I still have 13 prints in stock that have to be sold so I urge you to help with that in two ways:

  1. if you forgot to buy a print, here is your chance for only € 50.-: send me an email at with the delivery address and transfer the money to NL09 ABNA 0521 9308 20 and/or
  2. redistribute this Newsletter to all your friends, kin and colleagues and encourage them to buy.

Thank you!

On July 10, I will again try to sell "Fiat Nihil" at the "Graphics Day Fair" in Fochteloo.

Meanwhile, I have been working on several prints and I hope to show some results next month. I added a new page to my website where you can reread all previous Newsletters.

Also, I will participate in an exhibition at the Museum Jan van Loon in Assen from September 30 till October 10.  More on this event in early September.

Enjoy summer and Shostakovich' cello concertos.