Dear Friends,

So far, I sold 7 copies of the Ukraine-print "Fiat Nihil". So I payed € 574 (=7 x € 82) to the Ukrainian Red Cross. That is a good start, it is real money for real help! But is not enough, the war is going on, and we know what that means. There are still 18 prints left, so I decided to be at a printers fair in Nijmegen on May 14. There I will try to sell the remaining prints.

I even bought a simple cash machine to catch the impulse-buyers. Of course, you are welcome too, with or without debit card!

The work on "Fiat Nihil"  interfered with that on two other prints. One of these, I just finished: "The promised land 3: Wandering", shown below:

It is about what often happens between leaving home and arriving at the point of a "big jump": a bus station, an airport, a beach. That part of the journey is not often in the media because all involved are scared to be nabbed - the wanderers and those active in the wanderers-business.


The image (280 x 200 mm) is printed in an edition of 14 on sheets of 200 grs Fabriano Rosaspina, each measuring 35 x 27 cm. The price equals € 300.-, VAT and shipping included.

For you as a subscriber to this newsletter, there  is a discount of 30% on this price, provided you order no later than May 31.

As you can see, the print has many colors but I only used a very limited palette of colors to mix with: white, burned sienna (a dark reddish brown) and ultramarine (a bright dark blue). When these colors are admixed in the right proportion, the mixture yields a grey. A bit more sienna, the grey becomes warm brownish and a little excess of ultramarine yields a cool, bluish grey. By admixing white, the grey becomes lighter and by admixing a so-called "extender", i.e. an "ink" without pigment, the mixture becomes more or less transparent. All colors used where generated in this way. If you want to know more about color mixing techniques, there are tens of interesting and sometimes funny video's on Youtube.

To create this image, I used two different plywood boards: a smaller one with image of the three persons cut out and a second, bigger one for the landscape/air. First, I printed the slightly brownish-white "background" over the whole surface with the bigger one and than used the smaller plate to print the three wanderers. Only then, I printed the lower part of the landscape (two passes), including the faint bluish horizon and in a third pass, I created the bluish sky. So, in total, I needed five passes to finish the print. Clearly, each of the three wanderers has a different color - this was a accomplished through using a color gradient when inking. By now, most of my secrets have been revealed so you can start making prints yourself.


"Wandering" is also presented on my website: